Me and My Content

This is a space where I have decided to share my thoughts about a variety of subjects that interest me and, I hope, will interest whoever is reading about them.

I grew up on horror, action, and science-fiction films, comics, and videogames. I’m often cynical, pessimistic, and tend to go off in random rants, am sarcastic and fully admit to being contradictory and hypocritical at times.

Oh, also, I have a PhD…not that I’d ever brag.

I have a few different articles I post on here on a semi-regular schedule, such as:


Previously This Week In Wrestling, at least twice a week (usually on Saturdays and Mondays) I will post my predictions on upcoming WWE pay-per-view events, recap the events from Raw and Smack Down leading up to these events, or discuss other wrestling topics.

Talking Movies

At least once a month or so, I’ll post one or more articles in which I either review a current cinema release, a movie from the past, or just talk about movies and franchises in general. The more movies I see each month, the more of these articles I post.


Previously known as Top 10, I occasionally get the urge to post a list of ten things I have something to say about, which could revolve around wrestling, movies, videogames, comic books, or any other topic that comes to mind. There’s loads of list sites and videos out there, though, so I find it difficult to come up with lists that haven’t been done before. Oh, also, this is more like an article talking about ten examples rather than the ten best of anything, hence why it’s simply “Ten For The Win”.


About every two months or so, I’ll post an article talking about videogame franchises, characters, and releases. If I have played and completed any videogames recently then I’ll review them here, but I also use this article to talk about videogames I enjoyed growing up as and when.

If you fancy checking out my Xbox One achievements, you can do that here.


Every so often I may also write an article purely dedicated to talking about comic books, graphic novels, superheroes, manga, and other similar topics. This will also be where I rant about comic book story lines and publisher decisions, individual characters and teams, and anything else comic related.


Slightly more in line with the work I did to actually get my PhD, Interplay (which, fittingly enough, was the title of my PhD thesis…) focuses on essay-like discussions into adaptations of media from one form and into another. As these are bigger articles, these probably won’t happen too regularly…

Whatson the Box

Probably the article I post the least, this is where I’ll rant about television shows and adverts as the ideas spring to mind.


As and when, I may also do a Bite-Size variant of any of these articles. These will be more for first impressions, maybe trailer or rumour reviews, and brief discussions rather than my longer, in-depth articles.